Cité Educative - Galilée

Training troubled teenagers to regain self-confidence, trust in others and self-esteem.

Plongeurs du Monde has been in contact with representatives from the Académie de Versailles, as part of the Ocean Academy program run jointly with Longitude 181.

A need was expressed during our preparatory meetings for our collaboration with the Académie de Versailles to enable actions outside the purely school framework, in particular through the Cité Educative de Gennevilliers.

Plongeurs du Monde was therefore invited to take part in the Assises de la Cité Educative on October 13, 2021, a meeting at which we were able to move forward on possible principles and actions for a group of 6 young men and women in social difficulty.

This training program is aimed at a group of 6 teenagers aged 16 to 17, in difficult family and/or school situations, and monitored by local social services (the youngsters are boarders at the Lycée).
The proposal for the diving project was put forward by the social services in conjunction with the teenagers, and the participants have all expressed their willingness to take part in the program.

The aim of the project is to enable this group of teenagers to regain their self-confidence, their trust in others and their self-esteem.



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